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by Siyu Wu, Xudong Fu
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In July, 2013, large debris flows occurred in CheGou of ShenNongJia forest area of Hubei province three times, and caused huge economic losses. The debris flow is likely to break out again, and poses a threat to residents‘s life, properties and transportation economy. Debris flow risks are evaluated based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. Based on the results of debris flow risk evaluation, and in conjunction with debris flow formation process and development characteristics, reasonable and efficient comprehensive control engineering measures are adopted in order to control debris flow. As is concluded through risk evaluation of CheGou debris flow. CheGou debris flow has moderate risks. Because in the CheGou debris flow formation region, there are a lot of loose solid matters, rainfall conditions contributing to formation and outbreak of debris flow, scouring and cutting effect of centralized flow in the source of the debris flow, etc., the adopted comprehensive control measures include upstream water control in platform area of the formation region, arrangement of check dam in the circulation area and dredging in the accumulation area.