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Marine systems and environment
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
Section Collection Editors

Section Collection Information

Dear Colleagues,


The oceans encompass 71% of the planet's surface and supply humans with food, oxygen, and employment. However, they are likely the least known, ecologically varied, and undervalued ecosystems. This harms the waters that support us. From deep seas to coastal reefs and from mudflats to seagrass beds, ocean and marine systems supply us with critical services, including carbon collection for climate mitigation, renewable energy, and protection from storm surges. To keep up with rising demand, we are further exploring the waters for fish, oil, gas, minerals, and new genetic resources as the world population increases. Human activities are largely responsible for marine and nutrient pollution, resource depletion, and climate change, all of which pose hazards to the oceans. These concerns exert additional stress on environmental systems, such as biodiversity and natural infrastructure, and generate global socioeconomic issues, such as health, safety, and financial dangers. Innovative solutions that avoid and reduce adverse effects on marine habitats are vital for promoting ocean sustainability.


With this in context, we are calling for original papers that address the following topics (not limiting):

·         Ocean-based innovative solutions that address the sustainability of the ocean environment

·         Studies of the ocean environment with respect to food, human health, marine biodiversity, etc.

·         The future of the ocean environment

·         Marine pollution

·         Marine fisheries and aquaculture

·         Offshore renewable energy

·         Offshore hydrogen and ammonia systems


Prof. Yihan Xing,  

Section Editor


Marine; Ocean; Sustainability; Offshore Renewables

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