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Maintenance technology
Submission deadline: 2024-02-16
Section Collection Editors

Section Collection Information

Dear Colleagues,

   Currently, electric vehicles (EVs) have become an important representation of environmental transportation, and more and more consumers are choosing to purchase EVs. However, the issue of EV range and charging time is still of considerable concern. Fast-charging technology is an important component in the development of EVs, which can increase the willingness of consumers to purchase EVs and facilitate their adoption and promotion. Nonetheless, achieving fast-charging of EVs is a complex and systematized challenge, as it involves the coordinated development of materials, batteries, charging piles, electric grids, etc.

We are therefore interested in the collective for the development of fast-charging technologies, including the construction of charging infrastructure and the development of new batteries that can simultaneously satisfy the dual criteria of high energy density and fast-charging performance to the fullest extent.

To this end, it is important to collect the experiences of fast-charging relaying technologies that have been implemented and consider their implications. Research articles and reviews in this research area are welcome.

Section Editors

Prof. Hong Zhao

Prof. Ahmed Elngar

Prof. Mohamed Salah El-Din Shiba

Prof. Liqun Peng

Prof.Anil Kumar Gupta

Prof.Luis Le Moyne

Prof.Seo Hyung joon

Prof.Ahmet Aksoz

Prof.Prasanta Ku. Pradhan


Electric vehicles (EVs); Fast-charging; Electrode materials; Li-ion batteries; Charging piles; Electric grids

Published Paper