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Research on the Core Competitiveness of Future Cities

Ying Gao


A city that has core competencies that cannot be replicated or imitated can take the lead in the new development landscape of the future. The key factors influencing the core competitiveness of a city are urban capacity and urban potential. How a city's policy makers and managers identify, apply and effectively integrate these core competitiveness issues is fundamental to whether a city can develop in the long run and attract development resources. This paper adopts a scientific and systematic analysis model from the perspective of city development strategies, taking the fundamentals of cities, city management capabilities, the overall national strategies and future development directions as the entry point, and provides an in-depth analysis of what core competencies cities possess at this stage, and the challenges and opportunities they must face. Through the study of the city's talent pool, production capacity and technological innovation development, the shortcomings in the city's development are identified and unearthed, and what core competitiveness elements should be possessed in the future development of the city are determined.


City; Core Competitiveness; Layout of the Future; Measures

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i5.10001