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How Crowd Creation Can Affect Company?

Zhongyi Chen


Crowdsourcing is a new organizational concept cited by companies, which refers to the acquisition, selection, evaluation, and integration of new ideas proposed by individuals outside of employees within the company. It is changing the company's operational model. Through a case study of PharmaFX, a large European pharmaceutical company, this paper discusses the impact of crowdsourcing in the form of crowdsourcing on the company. In addition, this article will also discuss whether crowdsourcing has a positive or negative impact on the company through three themes: cost, motivation, and platform collaboration. Finally, through Case study, the cost of the enterprise will directly affect the operating profit of the enterprise. Motivation mainly refers to changing a company's business model and breaking the thinking limitations brought about by company personnel. This will bring innovative ideas that are more suitable for the company's development and bring more profits to the company. Collaborating with crowdsourcing platforms helps companies find more partners, collect more innovative ideas that are beneficial to the company, and help the company save product costs. Therefore, this article confirms the purpose of this article through three themes: cost, motivation, and platform cooperation, that is, crowdsourcing is beneficial for the development of the company.


Crowdsourcing; Cost; Motivation; Platform

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