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Thoughts on the Transformation and Upgrading of Gansu Grassland Tourism Industry

Huifang Li


The transformation of grassland resource function has caused major changes in its management mode and use function, and led to the escalation of the contradiction between protection and production. The development of grassland ecotourism industry is a good way to alleviate this problem, which can drive the local economic development and help poverty alleviation and prosperity, and is conducive to consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation in the grassland area and realizing the goal of rural revitalization. Selection with typical characteristics of northern grassland Gansu Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture Xiahe county as the research object, take typical example analysis research-key problem focus search, effective measures for the solution, in view of the current situation in the system of lack of tourism, insufficient income, single, narrow coverage, seasonal limited problems, put forward to improve the mechanism of poverty alleviation, integrated linkage development, support characteristic industry, broaden the propaganda way, development characteristic five special measures such as events, effective power development of xiahe county grassland tourism poverty alleviation.at the same time,It is hoped to provide reference and inspiration for promoting the development of national grassland tourism poverty alleviation.


Grassland Tourism; Poverty Alleviation Industry; Ecological Industry; Economic Benefits; Rural Revitalization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i5.10328