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Analysis of the 2021 Annual Report of Guizhou Maotai Liquor Co., LTD

Yixuan Qiao


The article mainly analyzes the 2021 annual report of Guizhou Maotai Liquor Company Limited, through the background analysis of Guizhou Maotai Liquor Company Limited, financial ratio analysis, from the company's current ratio, quick ratio, gross margin and other analysis of the company's solvency and profitability, but also the quality of financial position, and concluded that the enterprise is an operation-driven enterprise, from the allocation of resources, the quality of project funds Ltd. was analysed in terms of resource allocation, quality of project capital and other aspects. Finally, the company's development prospects were forecasted, concluding that Guizhou Maotai needs to innovate with multiple brands, categories, scenarios, channels and consumer groups to be able to sustain its growth and continue to take a leading position among its peers.


Guizhou Maotai Liquor Company Limited; Financial Ratio Analysis; Financial Position

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Included Database


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Guizhou Maotai 2021 Yearly Report. Available at: https://www.moutaichina.com/maotaigf/resource/cms/article/408431/526984/2022033100541037489.pdf.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i5.10331