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Discussing the Success of J&T Express in Saudi Arabia

Yaojia Zheng


Under the trend of economic globalization, cross-border operation is becoming more and more common, this paper discusses the
successful experience of Chinese logistics company, J&T Express, in Saudi Arabia. Using the logic of synthesis, the paper specifically analyzes the political, economic background, market potential, and analyzes the future development in a more concise manner, showing the dividends brought by “The Belt and Road” initiative. It also analyzes in detail the business strategy, localization strategy of J&T Express, extracting the successful experience. Using the theoretical model—Michael Porter diamond Model, specifically analyzes some advantages of J&T
Express cross-border operation. Combined with the research of previous scholars, I figure out that the ability of J&T Express to solve the “last
kilometer delivery” is strong and the cross-cultural management ability is an outstanding advantage. I hope that the content of this paper can
bring some inspiration to other enterprises conducting multinational operations.


Cross-border Operation; “The Belt and Road”; Localization Strategy; Michael Porter Diamond Model; Last Mile Distribution; Cross-cultural Management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i2.12435