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The Road to Wealth from “Dry Beach” to “Golden Beach”--Ningxia’s “Xihaigu” Region’s High-Quality Development Effectiveness Study

Xiaoyan Zhu, Yu Zhang, Junqi Luo, Simin Chen, Zhe Zeng, Fei Xiong


The report of the twentieth CPC National Congress points out that “To build a modern socialist country in all respects, we must,
first and foremost, pursue high-quality development”, and that “the most arduous and burdensome task in the comprehensive construction
of a modernized socialist country remains in the countryside”. The “Xihaigu” region of Ningxia, which was once recognized by the United
Nations as “unsuitable for human survival”, has taken a smooth path in comprehensively promoting high-quality development. Based on the
field survey and research of seven villages in five counties in Ningxia, this paper summarizes the five major achievements of the “Xihaigu”
region of Ningxia in comprehensively implementing the new development philosophy and comprehensively promoting high-quality development, analyzes the four major problems that need to be solved in the stage of comprehensively promoting high-quality development, and puts
forward the optimized direction of comprehensively promoting high-quality development, consolidating and expanding the results of poverty
alleviation, and realizing the development of high-quality rural industries.


High-Quality Development; New Development Philosophy; Xihaigu

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