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The Influence of Modern ERP on Management Accounting

Chenyan Mei


With the continuous innovation and improvement of IT technologies such as computing technology and Internet technology in various countries, it has brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the research on the content of management accounting. First of
all, the current EPR system can effectively improve the work efficiency and quality of enterprises in various fields. Its system is an emerging
high-tech derivative (Ibid). Secondly, information technology is also a feature of the era of globalization. Adequate real-time information has
played an important role in the efficient operation of enterprises (Yiming, 2021). Therefore, ERP has a profound impact on corporate accounting management. Through the research of ERP corporate information, we can understand the meaning and characteristics of the system and
the impact of informatization on management accounting, and propose corresponding measures. Finally, in order to improve the international
Market competitiveness and improvement of the accounting management capabilities of different companies in the country, corporate management accounting through the ERP system to provide guidance on the value of applications and corporate development (Lunwendate.com,
2016). At the same time, the most important impact of the use of ERP system on the operation of a company is financial accounting. Professional researchers believe that the biggest impact on the implementation of ERP systems in enterprises is the accounting personnel (Qingguo
and et al, 2019). This article mainly understands and inquires about the definition of management accounting, the characteristics of ERP, the
working principle of ERP system and other related concepts and knowledge points. At the same time, this article mainly studies the impact of
ERP system on management accounting in different aspects such as cost supervision, budget system and data collection.


Enterprise Resource; Management Accounting

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