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The analysis of Westpac Banking Corporation

Yun Wang


This report concentrates on Westpac Banking Corporation, in particular its internal and external environment which affects the development of Westpac Bank. For the organization structure and management, the 3 main customer-facing business divisions are cooperating
well and branch several sub company which specifically pay attention to a different field. In addition, BTFG is the best way to manage Westpac that helps the customers to achieve their financial goals. And for SWOT, technology and new products become more important recently,
with the wildly use of network mobile banking app is more popular that convenient banking app can get more customer to utilize Westpac.
Risk management is crucial for an ADI to protect its diversified stakeholder; thus, Westpac identified five key risks: credit, liquidity, market,
operational, and compliance risks.


Westpac Banking Corporation; SWOT Analysis; BT Financial Group

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Included Database


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i2.12452