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Research on Agricultural Product Supply Chain Monitoring and Traceability Platform under the Internet of Things

Hua Zhao


This article studies the relevant issues of agricultural product supply chain monitoring and traceability platform under the Internet
of Things. On the basis of analyzing the current situation of China’s agricultural product supply chain, it is proposed to use Internet of Things
technology to build a monitoring and traceability platform for agricultural product supply chain. The article first introduces the basic principles and characteristics of Internet of Things technology, then explores the security, traceability, and information asymmetry issues in agricultural product supply chains, and elaborates on the necessity of establishing monitoring and traceability platforms. On this basis, a design
and implementation scheme for an agricultural product supply chain monitoring and traceability system based on the Internet of Things is


Internet Of Things; Agricultural Product Supply Chain; Monitoring and Traceability Platform; Traceability

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Included Database


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i2.12458