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A Study on the Mechanism of the Influence of City Image Stigma on Young Consumers’ Intention to Travel in Chongqing in the Post-epidemic Era

Heng Liu, Rapassa Roung-onnam


Various negative events arising from the rapid development of Chongqing’s tourism economy are propagated and fermented by
media guidance, which makes young consumers’ behavior intentions suffer certain impact when choosing tourism. This paper takes the image
stigma faced by cities like Chongqing in the post-epidemic era as the research background, from the perspective of young consumers’ travel
behavior intention, based on the theoretical model of planned behavior, and adding the city image stigma as a regulating variable, to explore
the internal mechanism of how the city image stigma can regulate consumers’ travel behavior intention by influencing their perceived value


Stigma of City Image; Urban Tourism; Young Consumers; Planned Behavior Theory (TPB) Model

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