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Research on social responsibility information disclosure of listed companies in feed industry ——Statistical analysis based on social responsibility reports

Ziyi Wang, Wenli Zhu


This paper takes the independently released social responsibility reports of China’s A-share feed industry listed companies in 2015-
2021 as the research object, and comprehensively analyzes the disclosure status from the aspects of the frequency of report releases, the
basis of compilation, the length and content, and the disclosure of relevant industry standards. The study found that the current A-share feed
industry listed companies have made significant progress in social responsibility information disclosure, the disclosure content is more comprehensive, in line with the relevant standards, the overall disclosure situation is better, but there is still a requirement for further optimization
and enhancement of the disclosure of the continuity and uniformity of standards. In this regard, it is proposed that the guidance incentive and
education training on social responsibility disclosure should be increased, and the unified and standardized standards and requirements for the
preparation of social responsibility reports should be established in order to continuously optimize the social responsibility disclosure system.


Feed Industry; Social Responsibility Disclosure; Social Responsibility Report

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i2.12473