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Research on Influencing Factors of User Experience of Member Business in Internet Video Streaming Media —— Taking Sichuan as an Example

Wei Zhao, Rapassa Roung-onnam


With the popularity of mobile Internet, video platform plays an increasingly important role in people’s daily life. According to
the 50th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China published by China Internet Network Information Center, as of June 2022, the
number of Internet video users in China was 995 million. As an advanced service provided by the platform, video members’ user experience
directly affects users’ willingness to pay and loyalty. Therefore, optimizing the user experience of video members has become an important
topic in the development of the platform. This paper will explore the main factors that affect the user experience of video members by combining literature review and empirical research, and provide theoretical support for the optimization of the platform.


Video Member; User Experience; Optimization Measures; Content Quality; Interactive Experience

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i2.12478