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Key factors affecting the food retail industry

Yue Wang


During the period 2017-2019, the UK food retail industry has faced many changes and challenges. The study aims to explore three
key influencing factors: sustainability challenges, the impact of Brexit on price wars, and technological advances. Using the PESTLE methodology to gain insight into the specific impact of these factors on the UK food retail industry, the study also found that the food retail industry has been continuously improving initiatives to reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Including government policy and other
relevant economic factors also play a role. At the same time, a price war among food retailers and technological developments have also hit
the industry. However, the study also presents difficulties in implementing sustainable development strategies and consumer insensitivity to
the price of sustainable products. Therefore, future research could explore more effective sustainability strategies and address the associated


Food Retail Industry; Sustainability Challenge; Brexit; Technological Progress

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