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Product design research based on online reviews and quality features

Haibin Feng, Chuanfei Li, Keqing Fan, Zhihao Wang


With the gradual rise of social living standards, users' shopping needs are increasingly diversified, differentiated, personalized and
other characteristics. Therefore, how to accurately grasp the focus of user needs has become the key to enterprise product design innovation
and product quality management. The development of quality functions is one of the core tools for user demand-driven product design innovation. Based on this, a product design method based on online review and quality function expansion is proposed. This paper uses BTM
topic model to extract user topics from online review texts, uses Word2vec word vector similarity and cosine similarity to map topics to
requirements, and determines the weight of each demand. Finally, each demand and the corresponding weight are input into the House of
Quality model to determine the importance ranking of each technical feature. Use quality function to expand the model to achieve online review-driven product design.


Online Reviews, BTM Theme Modeling, Quality Function Expansion, Product Design, Quality House

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i4.13075