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Risk Control of Key Links in International Transportation of Bulky Cargo

Lu Xu*


In recent years, China’s global cooperation in the field of infrastructure has been deepening. Concurrently, the demand for international transportation of super-large and super-heavy machinery and equipment has increased dramatically. This phenomenon not only
drives the development of the global economy, but also promotes the development of the international transportation of bulky cargoes. As
the cargoes in question are of a considerable length, weight and dimensions, and are typically required for the construction of major national engineering projects, the international transportation of such cargoes is characterised by a high cost, high requirements and high risks.
Currently, our country is still in the nascent stages of developing effective risk control measures for the international transportation of bulky
cargoes. Identifying and responding to the risks associated with this type of transportation has become a pressing concern. Consequently, the
enhancement of research on the comprehensive transportation scheme of bulky cargoes, particularly the examination and management of
transportation risks in pivotal junctures, will facilitate the enhancement of the quality and efficacy of China’s international transportation of
bulky cargoes and serve as a constructive contribution to the sustainable advancement of the bulky logistics and transportation industry.


Bulk Logistics, International Transportation, Risk Control

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