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Research on the financing risk control problem of high-tech enterprises under the background of “Belt and Road” —— Take Breo as an example

Xinxin Shi, Ye Duan


With the rapid development of high and new technology industry, high and new technology industry has become the engine of
economic and social development. It’s also an important symbol to measure the strength of a country. The high quality development of hightech industry is of great significance to drive the vigorous development of economy. With the gradual strengthening of the role of high-tech
enterprises in economic growth, the problem of insufficient funds is becoming increasingly obvious, which seriously hinders its development.
This paper analyzes the problems encountered in the financing and the countermeasures, find the corresponding countermeasures to solve the
problems, and help the high-tech enterprises to have a stable financial support in the future development direction.


“Belt and Road”, High-tech, Financing Risk, Breo

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