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Digital economy empowers high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Pearl River Delta

Jieying Luo, Yun Liu*, Lingbi Guo


After years of industrial economic development, the digital economy has gradually become one of the boosters of the economy of
Guangdong Province, the digital development of the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta under the background of digital economy has certain advantages, through policy, technology, location, enterprises and infrastructure embodiment, in the process of integration with
the digital economy, there are also new characteristics of complexity, integration and risk. According to the new characteristics brought by
the digital economy to the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta, suggestions on institutional top-level design, total factor productivity and digital layout are put forward, and the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta is realized
through policy systematic reform, innovative factor allocation, and a coordinated layout for the development of the digital economy, so as to
deepen the deep integration with the data economy.


Digital Economy, Manufacturing, High-Quality Development

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