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A Study on the Impact of Social Media Marketing Strategies on Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Yiming Wang


This paper delves into the significant impact of social media on marketing practices. Firstly, the concepts of social media and marketing were defined, and how social media has completely changed the marketing methods of enterprises was explained. The paper provides
an overview of popular social media platforms and their characteristics, and then analyzes the evolution of marketing in the digital age,
especially the key role of social media in it. Research has shown that social media provides businesses with new ways to reach and target
audiences, enhances customer engagement, and brings new marketing strategies. The paper discusses in detail the various benefits of social
media for marketing, including expanding coverage, improving the accuracy of target advertising, enhancing customer interaction, improving
the cost-effectiveness of marketing activities, and providing real-time data and analysis. However, it also pointed out the challenges faced
by social media marketing, such as information overload, brand reputation management, privacy and security issues, and adapting to platform changes. The paper also proposes a series of successful social media marketing strategies and demonstrates their practical applications
through case studies. Finally, the paper looks forward to the future trends and potential impacts of social media marketing, emphasizing the
importance of continuous adaptation and innovation in maintaining marketing effectiveness.


Social Media, Marketing, Impact Analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v9i4.13091