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Challenges and countermeasures of financial security from the development of financial technology

Jian Meng


Fintech refers to the use of various technological means to innovate the products and services provided by the traditional financial
industry, improve efficiency and effectively reduce operating costs. Fintech covers the superposition and integration of cutting-edge disruptive technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain with traditional financial services. With the rapid development of
financial technology, the financial industry, especially the financial security field, is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Fintech has had a profound impact on financial security, but it is also accompanied by a series of hidden risks. This article takes the development
of financial technology as the research background and financial security as the research object, and theoretically analyzes the challenges
that the development of financial technology poses to the field of financial security. Finally, this article analyzes some current challenges and problems in financial security and puts forward corresponding countermeasure optimization suggestions.


FinTech, Financial Security, Financial Risk, Supervision

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