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Research on Financial Precision and Poverty Alleviation in Frontier Ethnic Areas

Jicheng Liu, Cuibai Yang


Given multiple superimposed causes of poverty, the frontier ethnic regions have a larger number of poor people. Poverty levels of these regions are serious and poverty alleviation work is also difficult, which is a major difficulty of China's precise poverty alleviation. Targeted financial poverty alleviation is related to poverty alleviation and the rural financial system improvement under the circumstances that the effect of the traditional industry's poverty alleviation is slow, and ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation are not applicable. This article expounds suggestions on improving financial precision poverty alleviation in terms of improving the financial service system, innovating financial products, enhancing the awareness of integrity, strengthening the information construction of poverty alleviation, and promoting linkage mechanisms.


Frontier Ethnic Regions; Financial Precision Poverty Alleviation; Poverty Alleviation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v4i2.1605