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Influence and Function of CFA in International Financial Center and Capital Market

Bo Zhou, Yangxin Liu, Yanchi Li, Zhujia Zhang, Weiting Wu


With the increasing trend of global economic integration, the financial industry has been discussed popularly and cared by everyone. The growth of the financial market has created an unprecedented demand for qualified investment talents. Employers and investors need a strict and standard ruler to measure the professionalism, integrity and knowledge reserve of the employees in the financial industry, so as to better manage and invest their assets. Chartered Financial Analyst is such a kind "rule". Warren E. Buffett, a world-famous investor, once said that the relatively important asset in life is to find a group of reliable people. When you get a chartered financial analyst certificate and become a CFA member, to a certain extent, you will find a group of very reliable people. As a registered trademark of the Association for Investment Management and Research, the Chartered Financial Analyst Certificate has gained increasing recognition and authority in the world. As a great number of CFA charterholders increase, it will have unpredictable and positive effects on the operation of international financial centers and capital markets. This article, taking Hong Kong of China and Singapore as examples, analyzes the impact and function of CFA on financial centers and capital markets.


Chartered Financial Analysts; Financial Center; Capital Market

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v5i2.1899