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The Compatibility between Fibonacci Sequence and Elliott Impulse Wave in the Context of A-share Market

Yufeng Sang


The connections between Fibonacci sequence and Elliott impulse wave that Ralph Elliot has proposed in Elliott Wave Principle are not valid all the time owing to the type and variability of the stock market. It is a probabilistic event which can reflect the compatibility between Fibonacci sequence and Elliott impulse wave. In order to explore the compatibility between Fibonacci sequence and basic-form Elliott impulse wave in the context of Chinese A-share market, a research via analyzing the historical trend of 50 core assets’ individual stocks was conducted in Chinese A-share market. The study reveals that Fibonacci sequence does not highly fit basic-form Elliott impulse wave in the context of Chinese A-share market. Suggestions for investors are diversifying the investment strategy to enhance risk controllability, rather than using Elliott Wave Principle singly.


Fibonacci Sequence; Golden Ratio; Basic-form Impulse Wave; A-share Market

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