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The Pareto Optimal Analysis of the Marketing Path of Movie Works in the Streaming Media Ecosystem

Ziyi Liao, Zhen Li, Quanquan Zhang


According to consumers’ aesthetic habits and preferences, the “AI data + movies” mode can produce works that are very suitable for the market. The social information dissemination ecology constructed by streaming media has also broken through the distribution and marketing channels centered on theaters. The marketing ecology of the film industry is gradually changing from the former “line structure” or “core ring structure” to a “block-chain structure” with equal weight in all links and marketing channels. Based on the Pareto theory, this paper provides some suggestions and ideas to help practitioners find a balance point when facing the game between personal interests and industry interests. At the same time, after the rise of streaming media, what key indicators should film marketing consider? What kind of dynamic data associations are presented between various indicators and box office revenues of different platforms?


Streaming Media Ecology; Revenue from Screening Platforms; Ontology; Marketing Influence Factors

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v6i1.3271