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In the era of low-carbon economy, how will the new energy automobile industry develop

Yitong Niu


With people paying more and more attention to energy, low-carbon and environment-friendly lifestyle has become the main direction pursued by modern people. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for automobiles is growing,Combined with people's emphasis on energy conservation, developing new energy automobile industry is the necessary trend of modern economic and social development. At present, the development of China's new energy automobile industry is still in the primary stage, and it will face many problems, such as the related technologies of new energy automobile, which need to be further improved, and there is still a certain lack of capital investment in the new energy automobile industry,All these problems need to be further optimized and adjusted by enterprises and the government according to the actual situation. This article will mainly take this as the topic and discuss the related contents.


Low Carbon Economy; New Energy; Automobile Industry; Develop

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