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Analysis of eigenvalues of oximetry change pattern based on DFA-SAMpen algorithm

Jie Dong, yang Li, Hui-na Wei


At present, oximetry is an important indicator for monitoring patients. How to build a model to describe the model of oxygen saturation and apply it in medical practice has attracted widespread attention in the world. This article first used the DFA algorithm to detrend the original data. Then the sample entropy is calculated separately from the singular and plural scales. The mean value, variance of oximetry, regression parameters, single-scale sample permutation entropy, and multi-scale sample permutation entropy are used as the characteristic value of the typical model of oximetry. Finally, we used fuzzy clustering and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient and Kendall tau rank correlation coefficient, and then concluded that the overall oximetry content of the elderly is decreased, the stability is weak, and the regularization is not strong.


DFA algorithm; permutation entropy; fuzzy clustering; spearman correlation coefficient; oxygen saturation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v6i2.3406