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Post-Epidemic Era in Guangxi People's Recognition of the Insurance Industry in the Survey—— Taking Nanning, Guilin and Yulin Cities for Example

Deyuan Zeng, Hong Liang, Chen Xia, Sifan Zhou, Xinping Wang


The arrival of unknown risks such as the epidemic has brought great trouble to regional economic development. In the post-pandemic context, many risks remain inaccurately predictable. People pay more attention to the protection of existing wealth and health status, choose recognized insurance companies and types of insurance, and improve risk prevention capabilities. Based on the survey data and interview results, this paper analyzes the recognition of the insurance industry by some people in Guangxi after the outbreak of the epidemic, and summarizes the shortcomings of the insurance industry, to provide ideas for reform, promote the reform and development of the insurance industry, so as to protect people's lives.


Insurance Industry; Logistic Return to Recognition

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.3596