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Research on the Construction of New Platform of China's Export-Oriented Economy

Jinmei Xiao


Based on the perspective of China's economic opening and integration, In this paper, the Internet big data technology and search and matching theory mechanism are used to combine the practice and development of cross-border e-commerce and "Single Window" for international trade, It is concluded that the development of big data technology in the Internet era reduces manufacturer's market search cost, promotes the efficiency of import and export trade of enterprises, and thus improves the overall productivity level. The study points out that building a new platform for export-oriented economy supported by Internet big data should be the key to China's opening-up strategy. We can build an information platform supported by big data technology, improve the matching efficiency of foreign trade and investment information, and make big data technology the basic guarantee for the construction of a new platform of China's export-oriented economy. The policy enlightenment lies in giving full play to regional intermediaries, trade intermediaries and government intermediaries, and improving the overall development level of China's export-oriented economy according to the trade network effect and sharing economic platform effect supported by big data technology.


Internet; Big Data Technology; Export-Oriented Economy; the Single Window System for International Trade

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i1.3912