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Research on the Development Strategy of China-Mongolia Cross-Border E-Commerce under the New Development Pattern of Dual Circulation

Andong Liu


Since the "Belt and Road" initiative was clearly proposed, cross-border e-commerce cooperation between China and Mongolia has also achieved vigorous development with obvious progress in the construction of China-Mongolia-Russia economic and trade corridor. Under the background of a new development pattern of the international great cycle, how to gradually expand the depth and breadth of development of China-Mongolia cross-border e-commerce and strive to be the active practitioner of the double cycle within China and the world is the first question we are facing at present. This chapter will through analyzing the two nations's traditional trade, cross-border electricity and the vigorous development of international logistics services, from two aspects of the Chinese government and small and medium-sized enterprises to international logistics service mechanism, cross-border electricity social security system, and comprehensive financial service system of cross-border electricity business aspects such as building a new problem, presents the developing measures of cross-border electricity.


Dual Circulation; China-Mongolia Cross-Border E-Commerce; Degree of Development Magnetic Yoke

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i1.4040