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Analysis of Global Asset Management Industry Development Since the Financial Crisis

Haixia Zhou


Since the financial crisis, the development environment of the global asset management industry has undergone important changes. There is no doubt that the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 caused a great damage to the global asset management industry, and has had a lasting impact on its development since then. These impacts have made the global asset management industry face many challenges, but also created opportunities for it. Only those asset management companies that earnestly grasp opportunities, actively respond to challenges and bravely make changes in accordance with the development trend can stand out in the new development background. This paper summarizes and analyzes the development trend of the global asset management industry from multiple perspectives, from the whole to the local, mainly focusing on the scale of assets under management, regional market pattern and industry fundamentals. The analysis of these trends can help to understand the past and current development of the global asset management industry, so as to better promote the development of the future.


Global Asset Management; Development Trend; AuM; Regional Pattern; Industry Fundamentals

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