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Development Path from the Perspective of Green Finance Supporting Rural Revitalization Construction: Take Regions with Different Development Degrees in China as an Example

Lanlan Wang, Chang Feng, Xinyue Wang, Yikun Zhao


This paper uses empirical research, literature analysis and comparative analysis to explore how to play the role of financial services in serving the real economy in the process of rural revitalization construction under the background of high-quality development pattern of domestic economy. With the strength of the government's macro-control, market innovation and social participation, green finance has unique advantages to realizing the prosperity of rural industries, environmental improvement and sustainable development of farmers.However, after investigation, we found that there is still a large development space in the current green finance system in: information and capital flow, publicity and education, policy system construction, talent training and other aspects.The purpose and significance of this paper is to explore the development outlet so as to more effectively play the service role of green finance in the process of rural revitalization construction.


Green Finance; Rural Revitalization Issues and Development Path

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i2.4156