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Thoughts on Improving the Incentive and Restraint Mechanism of Private Equity Investment Fund

Ning An


Benefiting from the national policy support and the gradually-improving capital market environment, the domestic private equity investment fund business starts late, but the capital scale has grown rapidly, and has become an important force that can not be ignored in the financial market. Although the prospect is broad, but private equity investment fund in each stage of the business may contain different nature of huge risks.The research results of domestic scholars on private equity investment fund are still in the stage of exploration and development. Therefore, this paper has important theoretical and practical significance to the research on the risk prevention countermeasures of private equity investment fund. For fund investors, it is necessary to screen managers with good reputation, adopt supporting incentive and restraint mechanisms, and implement necessary supervision on managers in order to get better development.


Private Equity; Incentive Mechanism; Restraint Mechanism

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