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Research on Cost Sharing of Migrant Children in Compulsory Education

Yuan Jia


With the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process, the large-scale population movement brought about problems of compulsory education of the children of migrant workers who have moved with them has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. For migrant children, solving the problem of compulsory education not only affects the flow direction of the floating population and local economic development, but also affects the realization of every citizen's equal right to education, and is also crucial to the construction of a harmonious society. This paper sorts out the changes in the financial policy of the compulsory education for migrant children who have moved with parents to cities, points out several existing financial problems of the compulsory education for migrant children. Besides, this paper also puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions.


Cost Sharing; Migrant Children; Compulsory Education

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i3.4639