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Analysis of the Multinational Company Competitiveness of RCEP Member States Under the Global Value Chain

Qinghao Sun


This study provides an in-depth examination of the competitiveness of multinational companies from RCEP member countries in the context of global value chains. Through a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of MNCs from RCEP member countries, the critical position of these firms in the globalisation process is pointed out. Further, the paper examines in detail the internal and external factors affecting the competitiveness of these companies, highlighting internal factors such as corporate governance, technological R&D and innovation, human resource management, financial management, branding and market strategy, as well as external factors such as the economic environment, policies and regulations, social culture, technological development and supply chain management. Finally, the paper proposes internal strategies and external environmental response strategies to enhance the competitiveness of MNCs from RCEP member countries. These strategies are important guidelines for the sound development of multinational companies from RCEP member countries in global value chains.


Global Value Chain; RCEP; Multinational Corporation; Competitiveness; Internal Factors; External Factors

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.5901