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Influencing Factors of Marketing Strategies of Self-Media Environment Affecting Chengdu Female Consumers’ Purchase Intention on Domestic Beauty Brands

Xueting Zeng


Network media plays a more critical role in people's daily lives. Self-media breaks through the traditional media communication mode and becomes the real grassroots media with its diversification and populism of the main body. It greatly liberates the people's right to speech by its simple content expression and convenient and diversified transmission. Self-media marketing is a new method focusing on ordinary promotion ads or link ads through the Micro-blog platform, reducing the audience's resistance psychology. This paper analyses the characteristics of self-media marketing strategies on Chengdu female purchase intention domestic beauty brands based on the influencing factors of functional value, perceived value, perceived risk, and perceived convenience of beauty brands relating to female purchase intention. The three research objectives are; to explore how domestic beauty brands influence consumers' purchase intention through innovative marketing strategies, to analyze how domestic beauty brands have rapidly emerged in the fiercely competitive beauty market through self-media marketing strategies, and to suggest the respective formulation of marketing strategy for improving the development of domestic cosmetic sales.


Marketing Strategy of Self-Media Environment; Purchase Intention; Domestic Beauty Brands

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.5961