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The Influence of E-Commerce Service Quality on Guizhou Consumer Satisfaction with Online Shopping of Agricultural Products

Tingyu Li


With the popularization of computer networks and the advancement of information technology, online shopping has become a meaningful way. Online shopping of agricultural products is becoming a new growth trend. The development speed of China's agricultural e-commerce platform is astonishing; from the perspective of customers, improving the experience and service level of the e-commerce platform to achieve participation and loyalty has become operators' focus. Convenience, safety, customer service, product quality, after-sales service, and other influencing factors are more important. The three research objectives are; to explore the satisfaction of consumers buying agricultural products online in Guizhou, to evaluate the influencing factors of e-commerce quality on consumers' satisfaction with purchasing agricultural products in Guizhou, and to improve the future e-commerce development of agricultural products in Guizhou.


E-Commerce Service Quality; Customer Satisfaction; Online Shopping of Agricultural Products

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6508