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Research on the Influence of Clothing E-Commerce Live Platform Strategy on Impulse Purchase Intention of Sichuan Consumers

Caiguo Liao


Consumers often exhibit impulsive buying behavior as immediate, emotional, and irresponsible, especially under live e-commerce platforms. Supported by the customer inspiration theory, this study explores the psychological mechanism underlying impulse purchase in e-platform that differentiates traditional web shopping by the strong sense of presence in e-commerce marketing in clothing purchases based on impulsive purchase intention. Furthermore, it is indicated that social and co-presence have more potent influences on impulse purchase intention than physical presence, thus proving a more substantial effect of social factors on impulse purchase intention than biological factors in the e-commerce environment. The three research objectives are; to analyze the influence mechanism of the clothing e-commerce live platform strategy, to explore the degree of influencing factors to Sichuan consumers’ purchase intention, and to suggest the solution for improving the clothing e-commerce live platform.


Clothing E-Commerce; Live Platform Strategy; Impulse Purchase Intention

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6511