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Study of the Influencing Factors of Sichuan Tourism Promotion Strategies on Local Travelers’ Intentions in the Post-Pandemic Era

Yu Liu


This study investigates the relationship between promotional messages, promotional formats, promotional prices, innovation, enjoyment, interaction, leadership opinions, and travel intentions for creative travel destinations. The growing concept of creativity has been introduced into the tourism sector, and innovative tourism has been seen as a strategy to regenerate destinations materially, culturally, and socially. To develop tourism products and services that incorporate creative concepts and meet tourists' needs by creating more positive and lasting forms of experience, this study aims to examine tourists' consumption psychology in the context of creative tourism destinations. Past research has identified motivation, perceived value, and experience as three important factors influencing tourists' visit intention. The three research objectives are; to assess the influencing factors of Sichuan tourism promotion strategies on local consumers' travel intentions in the post-pandemic era, to analyze the influencing factors relating to Sichuan travelers’ intentions, and to suggest the improvement to the travel promotional strategies for increasing travelers’ interests.


Tourism Promotion Strategies; Local Travelers; Post-Pandemic Era

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6513