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Research on the Influence of Animation Derivative Product Model on Promoting the Consumption Intention of Chengdu College Students

Xia Ran


The animation industry is an integral part of the cultural and creative industry, has formed a considerable consumer market worldwide and has even become a pillar industry. The main reason is that the industry does not have a sustainable development model. Therefore, how to carry out sustainable development has become an important research topic for China's animation industry to enhance the willingness of Chengdu college students to consume. This study explores the challenges and issues facing China's animation industry based on the role of influencing factors such as product fit, perceived value, and promotional incentives in promoting the sustainable development model of the animation industry. The three research objectives are; to analyze the influence of consumer willingness to consume animation derivative products on the animation industry, to explore the influencing mechanism between the influencing factors on the consumption intention of Chengdu college students, and to provide highly referenced opinions for improving consumers' willingness to consume and maintaining the sustainable development of the animation derivative products industry.


Animation Derivation Product Model; Consumption Intention; Chengdu College Students

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6520