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Study of Influencing factors on Rural Economic Development Mode Affecting the Guizhou Workers' Home Returning Intention

Shijun Zhang


An effective development mode is indispensable to solving the decline of rural development, and rural tourism is a critical approach to poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in China. The comparative analysis of the rural areas awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of China shows that the pastoral economic development mode with the integration of production, town, and scenery realizes the sustainable economy of rural areas. To examine this further, this study takes Guizhou as research. It examines the influencing factors of industrial structure, infrastructure, living conditions, development policy, and social protection relating to Guizhou workers’ home returning intention. The three research objectives are; to explore the degree of Guizhou workers’ home returning intention, to evaluate the degree of influencing factors relating to home returning intention, and to suggest feasible ideas in developing rural economic management mode for producing workers.


Rural Economic Development Mode; Guizhou Workers; Home Returning Intention

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6539