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Study of the Brand Value of Sichuan B2C Online E-Commerce Trading Platform from the Perspective of Internet Memes Based on Mobile Social Platform

Sisi Zhang


Memes can quickly become a shared cultural phenomenon for people in different markets. Harnessing these widespread phenomena can bring opportunities for businesses. But memes are fleeting, and it is hard for a large corporation to respond quickly enough. Getting it right culturally is an even more challenging prospect. Propelled by a rapidly expanding consumer market and the development of digital technologies, China's eCommerce continues to grow all the rage across the country. Being ranked 1st worldwide by its online retail sales, with its eCommerce market contributing more than half of the country's retail sales in 2021, China's eCommerce appears to be a zesty delicacy for brands to taste a tip. Coupled with the accelerating consumers online in the current economic situation, businesses could reach Chinese consumers by selling online. This study focuses on the influencing factors of loyalty, satisfaction, functionality, and brand association relating to Sichuan brand value perception. The three research objectives are; to explore the economic impact of the brand value of the B2C network e-commerce trading platform on related companies, to evaluate the influencing factors concerning to trading platform for brand value creation, and to make feasible suggestions on how the e-commerce trading platform for better services from the users.


Brand Value of B2C Online E-Commerce Trading Platform; Perspective of Internet Memes; Mobile Social Platform

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6540