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Effects of Food Promotional Strategy on Purchase Intention of Chengdu Parents of Primary Students for Health Concerns in Complementary Food Consumption

Xiao Zhang


The choices and preferences of food consumers are influenced by several factors, from those related to the socioeconomic, cultural, and health dimensions to marketing strategies. Marketing is a determinant ingredient in the choices related to food consumption. Nonetheless, the brands play a crucial role in effectively implementing any marketing approach. Creating food brands in the food sector is not always easy, considering the appropriate amount of these foods produced within the complementary food sector. The small dimension of these sectors' production units hinders brand creation and respective branding for consumer purchase intention. This paper utilizes the influencing factors of promotional stimulus, promotional method, health knowledge, recommendations, parents' characteristics, and children's characteristics relating to parents' purchase decisions on complimentary food. The three research objectives are; to analyze the influencing factors of parents of primary school students in Chengdu on the purchase decision of complementary food promotion, to explore the influencing factors of parents of primary school students in Chengdu on purchasing decision-making of complementary food promotion, and to suggest strategies for the food promotional strategy in children complimentary food consumption.


Food Promotional Strategy; Purchase Intention; Complimentary Food Consumption

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v7i5.6541