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Research on the Influence Mechanism of the Sales Activities of Merchants Based on the Perspective of SOR Model —— Taking Fengjie Area of Chongqing as an Example

Li Zeng


In recent years, with the continuous launch and development of online shopping related businesses such as online payment, shopping search, integrity service and so on, the takeout market of online ordering and delivery to home has maintained a rapid growth trend, which also affects the purchase willingness of consumers to a certain extent. By studying the service quality evaluation system and internal mechanism of takeout merchants, the problems in the production and distribution service of consumers can be improved to a certain extent, and the repurchase intention can be improved, so as to develop new sales means of takeout platform, increase the market income of takeout merchants, and increase the stickiness of takeout consumers.


Takeout Industry; Consumer; SOR Model; Purchase Intention

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