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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Webcast with Goods on Consumers' Purchase Intention Based on SOR Model —— Taking Chengdu Area as an Example

Sijing Leng


Under the modern background of the continuous development of science and technology, people's entertainment and consumption ways are becoming more and more diversified. Due to the epidemic in recent years and the marketing popularity of various shopping festivals in recent years, more people began to spend money driven by the online live broadcast with goods. Therefore, by understanding the influence of the network live broadcast with goods activities on consumers 'purchase intention, this paper discusses the factors affecting consumers' purchase intention, in order to optimize and further promote the network live broadcast with goods.


Purchase Intention; Network Broadcast with Goods; SOR Model; SPSS Data Analysis

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Included Database


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i2.6587