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Research on the Formation Mechanism of Local Characteristic Regional Brands——Taking Ningxia Barbary Wolfberry Geographical Indication Products as an Example

Haidong Wang


China has a vast territory and many regional characteristic agricultural products. In recent years, in the development process of China's rural economy, some agricultural products brands have been created, and some agricultural products famous brands have emerged, but the branding of agricultural products is still in the initial stage, and opportunities and challenges coexist. The future enterprise competition is the brand competition, but also the competition between brand culture. Regional characteristic agricultural products have rich connotation of human history, geographical origin, have enough news point constantly release to the target audience, and through the third party such as experts, media, friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors continue to promote word of mouth, enhance credibility, enhance brand added value, to increase the competitiveness of the product. Most of the local characteristic agricultural products regional public brand construction is still facing huge challenges, it is difficult to achieve local characteristic agricultural products regional brand construction expected effect, the fundamental reason is that local characteristic agricultural products regional brand construction in the process of local characteristic agricultural products regional brand image is not unified, local characteristic agricultural products regional brand operation main body is not clear, such as the problems existing in the market.


Regional Brand; Formation Mechanism; Geographical Indication Products

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i2.6590