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Empirical Research on Smart Home Purchase Intention in the 5G Era —— Taking Chengdu as an Example

Jing Yu


With the improvement of science and technology level in China and the improvement of economic level, the landing of AI and IOT technologies, has brought a great impact on our lives, people pay more and more attention to the artistic taste and spiritual needs of work and life space, thus promoting the rapid development of the home furnishing industry. It is bound to accelerate the development process of the smart home industry. More and more smart home products continue to launch, so that all kinds of smart home products "into the ordinary people's homes". From 2010 to now, the country continues to promote the development of the new generation of information, and continues to formulate relevant favorable policies for the smart home housing industry. National policy support and standard guidance, and the gradual deepening and improvement of smart city construction are driving the development of smart home, and the development and prosperity of the development and change of traditional smart home.


Smart Home in 5G Era; Purchase Intention; Brand Cognition; Perceived Risk; Benefit Perception

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i2.6591