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Analysis of User Experience of Furniture E-commerce

Yuanlong Li, Yutong Ma


The purpose of this essay is to explore, illuminate, and hypothesize the user experience of digital marketing firms. By analysing the response of 5 respondents, whereby all the respondents are aged between 19 years and 51 years, three males and two females. All the respondents stated that they are regular users of mobile apps and websites in ordering goods. This essay depicts that the introduction of digital marketing has eased the process of ordering and delivery of goods, that customers have had a better experience and satisfaction in the digital system as compared to the analogy system. Mobile apps enable customers to get access to view a variety of goods in just a click of a button. Therefore, customers will spend the shortest time possible in selecting items of their choice. To offer the best experience for customers, organizations should offer their products and services in a manner that customers’ emotions are affected positively. A positive emotions design will enhance the uptake of an organization’s products, thus, maintaining a competitive advantage.


User Experience; Digital Marketing; Furniture E-Commerce

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i2.6665