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Star Live Broadcast on the Purchase Intention of College Students——Taking TikTok Live Broadcast as an Example

Tingting Pan


Affected by the global epidemic, the more vivid and intuitive e-commerce live broadcast has become the growth power of e-commerce platforms. The platforms begin to constantly look for new live broadcasting modes to attract more traffic into the broadcast rooms, and star anchors are one of them. Under the background of the continuous improvement of communication technology and the large-scale popularization of mobile terminal equipment and 5G network, live broadcasting with goods has gained a technical basis for its development. Since the launch of the live streaming shopping function on Taobao e-commerce platform in 2016, the e-commerce live streaming industry has developed rapidly, and many people with goods have been born. At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of "house economy" made the mobile Internet's rapid growth for the first time after the stock era, and the e-commerce live broadcasting market faced the tide and stood in the tuyere of The Times. In order to alleviate the impact of the epidemic, many Internet celebrities, celebrities, even mainstream media, local officials and entrepreneurs have joined in the live broadcasting, while realizing self-rescue, but also injecting a boost into the live broadcasting economy. Under the leadership of Taobao, TikTok and Kuaishou, the whole e-commerce live streaming with goods industry will have a stronger development momentum in 2022.


Live Broadcast with Goods; E-Commerce Live Broadcast; Internet Economy

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